Monday, March 15, 2010

The Fox and the Hound: They Were the Best of Friends

Natalie Marlowe (Kate Collins, l.) and Donna Beck (Candice Early, r.) were more similar than anyone thought. Both survived, as Donna put it in 1995, "the Palmer Cortlandt experience." Both were single mothers. Their similar circumstances lead to something very rare between women in Pine Valley, a friendship.

When Natalie was down and out after accusing son-in-law Ross Chandler of raping her, she became the pariah of Pine Valley. Donna stood by her, remembering how only a decade earlier she was made to be an outsider because of Phoebe Tyler's disapproval of her unfortunate life circumstances (Donna was a prostitute and in love with her grandson. Who can blame Phoebe for "overreacting?").

Natalie and Donna's friendship looked like it was going to last the test of time. Even after moving from Pine Valley in 1992, Donna would return to act as maid of honour for Natalie's impromptu wedding to her one true love, Trevor Dillon.

In 1993, Donna would return to town one more time... for Natalie's funeral.

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Anonymous said...

It was good to see Donna come back for Nat's funeral.

But, was it the writers or James Kiberd who had Trevor saying over and over "Ya didn't have t' come!" to all the visitors?

Who says that at a funeral service???