Monday, March 15, 2010

Rediscover Hillary Wilson: It's Crunch Time

My dear friend Carmen Thomas-Paris reached out to me with this news from ABC:
"My manager called the producer and casting and asked if Hillary Wilson was coming back and she said 'no'... but I hear that in the future, that could change especially if they hear from the viewers!"
So if you want Hillary and Carmen back in Pine Valley, please make your voice heard! Respond on the message board to the Hillary Wilson articles on the Official All My Children Website and! Or reach out via email to AMC Producer Julie Carruthers at or ABC Daytime President Brian Frons at! You can also write the show: 500 Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 914521.

UPDATE 3/16/2010: Sources have confirmed that at the current time, there is NOT currently an active casting call for Hillary.

Also check out Carmen's official Facebook site for Hillary HERE.


Kathy said...

They said no when asked if Hillary is returning!? Strange and stranger since there is a casting call out for Hillary. Is it a different Hillary? Did they change their minds? So many questions.

NuttyAboutSoaps said...

At the risk of incurring everyone's wrath, I would prefer that they not bring Hillary back. Tad already has three love interests - Krystal, Liza and ghost Dixie. He doesn't need a fourth. Additionally, Tad has already acquired two daughters in the past few years, which negates the need for a long-lost son.

I love Tad. I even liked Hillary. But there's no need to bring her back, even for a day. Why not write a great story for him with the people we already have on canvas?

Voltage said...

Yes, Tad does have three love interests, but this is the problem with each of them:

1)Liza-Been there, done that, about 20 times over. Every time they have brought Liza into the show, she has to be paired with Tad first. It is getting old.

2)Krystal- Sorry Bobbie, love you as an actress, never liked Krystal from the start. She is just downright annoying.

3)Dixie-Ghost Dixie is, well, a ghost! Now, if they brought Cady back as a LIVE Dixie, then I would put her at the top of my list.

I would like to see Hillary come back. The problem with Tad right now is that he needs a fresh love interest. It would solve both problems that the show currently is suffering from. First, it would bring in the long time fans (like me) who have lost interest in the show and it would provide fresh storylines because Hillary hasn't been on the canvas for 20 years. As long as TPTB don't mess it up like they did with Dixie's return

NuttyAboutSoaps said...

I agree that Tad needs a new love interest, but I'd rather the writers look forward, rather than backward. They should create a NEW character for Tad, instead of rehashing the past and giving us another long-lost child - and the obligatory angst that will accompany Tad's not knowing about him until now.

Although AMC has seen better days, they inevitably botch these returns whenever they try to recapture the past. I mean, really. How many of these characters have worked out when they've been "brought back," other than the delicious Dr. Diablo?

Maria, Julia, Bobby & Anita, and countless versions of Bianca, Greenlee, and Dixie.... all much-heralded returns, and all giant letdowns. We won't even talk about the odd recasts that have derailed Colby and Liza from catching on.... or Jesse coming back with a second wife and family the audience knew nothing about. I know, I know, most viewers will overlook anything in the name of Jesse and Angie, but get real. They made the man a lying jerk and I, for one, haven't looked at him the same way since.

Is it really so much to ask that AMC invest in long-term characters that will actually stay on the canvas? And keep them true to character?

Nah. They'll "bring back" someone from 25 years ago and not know what to do with them after six months. Then, we'll have another gal in town lusting after Tad in twenty different ways. LOL

I guess if I have to see it, I'd like them to use the same actress. At least it would have nostalgic value.

Voltage said...

I totally agree that they have done a disservice in recent times to past characters that they have brought back, especially after they have over exploited their returns.

I am not particularly happy about this long lost son either, but if they can get a good storyline for Hillary, then I would tune in because I have that connection with the character since I was watching the show back then and remember her.

If they brought someone new in, they would have to have a really good storyline to get me to watch.