Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonky Recasts: Laurel Banning

As TPTB consider recasting Bianca Montgomery, I want them to remember some of their wonky recasts. Here's one, Laurel Banning:
Sex-Pot to Sex-Not.


Kenneth Allen said...

Anyone remember the actress who briefly played Natalie. She was Natalie when Natalie was killed in a car crash. I'm sure she's a wonderful actress, but she didn't work in the role (imho)

Kathy said...

Kenneth, that was Melody Anderson if I'm not mistaken. And you're right, she didn't work in that role at all.

david said...

I agree. Kate Collins has always been one of my favorites. In fact, she is the reason I LOVE AMC! The Natalie in a well story, then the "Who Killed Will" story were my favorites ( I was only 8 at the time, but was so mesmorized!). I think she's great. Kathy, do you think you can post pics of her and Melody Anderson ( a AMC headshot please)!

I knew Laurel was played by two actresses, but i don't remember the first. How long was she on AMC?

Anonymous said...

No way! Eden Riegel has to play Bianca! She already lives in LA, why recast?

Kathy said...

@David, I'll see what we can dig up! Kristen Jensen was on AMC for about a year.

@Lauren, why recast Bianca? Because of this:

Anonymous said...

It's one of many times a character is changed too much and then killed off.

AMC said then 'we wanted her to be earthier'.

Laurel #1 [per Soap magazines] was bitter about getting fired. She complained that she had to move to NYC and get an expensive place to live, then got the boot.

Laurel #2 was a bra model in those coupon newspapaer inserts.