Friday, March 12, 2010

Soap Opera Digest Flashback: Hillary Wilson

Pick up this week's issue of Soap Opera Digest to see a flashback photo of Carmen Thomas Paris on her first day as Hillary Wilson (below). Did you know, Thomas-Paris actually auditioned for a role on Ryan's Hope. Someone at AMC got a hold of her reel, and Hillary was born:

Inspired by the SOD feature, Carmen dug up a cover she and Michael E. Knight (Tad Gardner Martin) shot in 1986:

They look like such a happy couple...too bad it didn't last.

Do you want Hillary and Carmen Thomas-Paris back in Pine Valley as much as we do? Make your voice heard! Reach out to AMC Producer Julie Carruthers at or ABC Daytime President Brian Frons at


Little Libby said...

Don't you think she looks like Ziva Da Vid from NCIS (in the early pictures)?

I don't like Tad with Liza or Krystal, so any new competion would be great.

Michael said...

I'm so glad you started this "Bring Back Hillary/Carmen" campaign. I can't think of anybody else I'd rather see back on the show.

Anonymous said...

On, under Daytime, there is a link about Hilary and Tad, so ABC is promoting her. I think she is coming back.

But, I think if Damon is supposed ot be Tad's son, it would clash with JR being 'older'.

Kathy said...

@TomCat... Yes they are bringing her back. Casting has been going on for a little while now. But we're just hoping that they bring back Carmen as Hillary :)

Tad kind of explained on Friday's show that Hillary came to see him, oh 19 years ago (ta da!) before she got married, when she was having doubts. It was in a conversation he was having with Jesse. That would explain why Damon is younger than JR.

Anonymous said...

I saw the 3/12 episode now where Tad tells Jesse about the visit. Makes more sense now, I had a feeling it would be that.

It would have had to have been one of the times when Tad was separated from Dixie, and right before he lost his memory and was "Ted Orsini".

Anonymous said...

Oh, wouldn't it be funny if now Dottie Thorton also comes back??!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing I just thought, Verla Grubbs [Carol Burnett] is Hillary's sister and Damon's aunt!!