Sunday, April 25, 2010

CASTING NEWS - Damon's "Father" Comes to Pine Valley!

Robert Curtis Brown has been cast as Paul Miller, the man that Damon always believed to be his father. He debuts April 28 when he comes to Pine Valley to visit Damon. The question I have is, why cast the man who is not Damon's father but still leave Hillary dangling!? AMC has not contacted Carmen Thomas-Paris about reprising her role of Hillary, but have said they have not ruled out bringing her back.

If you want Hillary and Carmen back in Pine Valley, please make your voice heard! Respond on the message board to the Hillary Wilson articles on the Official All My Children Website and! Or reach out via email to AMC Producer Julie Carruthers at or ABC Daytime President Brian Frons at! You can also write the show: 500 Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 914521.


david said...

ITA! Who cares about Damon's "father" when he would rather see a familiar face in town. The new headwriters claim to be interested in bringing back familiar faces, so why not Hillary? And Taylor Miller is willing to come back as why bring on new Cortlandts? If the move to LA has cost us Adam, Joe, Zach, and Aidan for the sake of bringing back Greenlee (who I love) then I'm pissed.

Lois said...

This is ridiculous! We want to see Hillary.

jwlz said...

BULL CRAP!!!! WHO CARES about the father that raised DAMON! what a waste of AMC's money and the fans time to bring on someone the FANS could give a RIP about ...BRING BACK HILLARY for goodness sakes put your money where it is deserved and QUIT spending it on washed up NO good for nothing actors that ARE NOT NEEDED...need I say more about the planned arrival of ERICA's NEW LOVER....OH PLEASE, AMC sure enjoys pissing the fans off in a very BIG way!!!! AMC could just be as good as cancelled for all I care at this point and I'm ONE OF MANY huge fans. Hillary is a fan fave and very important part of Pine Valley History, heck....even Michael Knight wants Hillary back how could the powers that be say NO TO MIKE KNIGHT they should be kissing the ground he walks on to let him have whatever he ask for, I love Michael Knight he is my fave and I'm surprised he has stayed with the show for as long as he has because his storylines have been ripped from him in the past I give him MUCH PRAISE for all he has put up with... not having much of a storyline since KATE/DIXIE they have been few and far between...don't even get me started on KILLING DIXIE OFF...BIG BIG MISTAKE for sure! Michael Knight is wanting Carmen Thomas back pitching to the PTB for good story for him and he gets slapped in the face with bringing on the FATHER that raised DAMON and NOT HILLARY...YOU PEOPLE That HEAD AMC the powers that be are JUST PLAIN STUPID! What a great story this would be. I hope AMC has plans to bring HILLARY back and this is just a ploy to get the fans all fired up for her arrival in PV in the near future...Because the future of AMC depends on good story these days since YOUR BIG MOVE to California was to save YOUR ASSES! CARMEN WHERE EVER YOU ARE WE ARE FIGHTING ALONG WITH MICHAEL KNIGHT FOR YOUR RETURN TO PINE VALLEY and for the NEW WRITERS TO BE VERY GOOD ONES and BRING the HISTORY and NOT crazy outlandish stories but stories we can relate too and love to watch ... bring PINE VALLEY BACK where it belongs with good writing before the last known fact of saving AMC is cancelled.