Friday, April 16, 2010

CASTING NEWS: Kate Collins Returns to AMC!!!

She IS returning!!! As previously speculated, Kate Collins will be making her AMC return on April 30! While institutionalized, Janet took computer courses and was able to keep tabs on her daughter Amanda. According to TV Guide Magazine, Janet will bust out of the asylum, deciding that she needs to manage Amanda's new career and plans to whisk her and baby Trevor to Europe! But what of Jake? Well he's definitely going to be a problem. And we all know how Janet handles problems! Watch your back Jake!


david said...

YAY! I love Janet/Kate! Hopefully she'll stay around for awhile. The new headwriters commented in the new issue of Soaps in Depth that they plan to bring back former characters short-term like they did with Brooke. They're going to have some tough shoes to fill with Adam and Brooke though.

Anonymous said...

Janet is the 'stalker' of Amanda, I bet.