Friday, April 9, 2010

Do You Recognize This Woman?

It's Olivia Birkelund (ex-Arlene)!! Ahh Arlene, one of my all time favorite characters. She was a tramp without the heart of gold. Let's take a little walk down Arlene's memory lane shall we?

She was who she was. She didn't care about anyone but herself. She hardly even cared about her daughter Hayley. But she kept trying to insinuate herself into Hayley's life. She even got a drunken Adam to marry her! Adam was so distraught over believing Stuart was dead (and not knowing that it was Arlene who mowed him down in her car while she herself was drunk!) that he married her. He didn't want anything more to do with anyone and thought by marrying Arlene he would successfully push his family away. Arlene even managed to get pregnant by Adam again, but ended up miscarrying the child.

As for Hayley, well Arlene always played like Hayley was her life but that didn't stop her from bedding Hayley's husband Alec on his wedding night to Hayley! Nor did it stop her from trying to seduce Mateo on more than one occasion (OK, one time was while on Libidozone, not that this horny mom needed it!). Hayley was so distraught to find another man of hers in Arlene's bed that she strangled Arlene and left her for dead. Then, seeing Arlene's body on the deck of the Fidelity, Adam tossed her overboard! Hayley was so guilt ridden over believing she killed her own mother that she started to take on Arlene's persona. Scary!!! It was while Hayley was on trial for Arlene's murder that Mateo brought her to the courtroom! He found her hiding out in the Carribean. Read more about Arlene on the PVB's Bio!


Anonymous said...

She had a small part in the movie "Far from Heaven" playing 1950's housewife friend of Julienne Moore's character. This was right after she left AMC, but only seen her in commericials since.

Bellesouth said...

HAAAA! Oh, thanks for the memories. I wish you had a screenshot of her wearing one of her horrible leopard-print outfits.

Remember that episode when they all flew off to some island in like 15 minutes? Oh, how I wish real life had airports as efficient as Pine Valley's.