Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of April 4!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted.

Brooke is in a car accident with Damon and Colby and Adam stays at Brooke's side (much to Annie's dismay!), David's trial gets underway and Greenlee inches closer to finding out the truth about her accident. Newbies Ciro (photographer) and the new DA premiere this week. Annie is on cloud 9 with all the attention she receives in DC and Kendall and Greenlee come face to face!

Happy Easter everyone!


Little Libby said...

Any word how long Julia will be on the show? I'd really hate to see her gone so soon.

Nathan said...

I thought they said a three month storyline which would put her to exit in mid to late May.

I'm still hoping they keep her around permanently.