Friday, April 9, 2010

Final Airdate for David Canary Announced!

David Canary last airs as iconic Adam Chandler on Friday, April 23. As previously reported, the death of Palmer Cortlandt (played by the late James Mitchell and who's tribute show is set to air on April 20) is going to greatly impact Adam. With his own health failing, will Adam decide that life is too short and decide to leave everything behind and try to enjoy what is left of his life? Will he take Brooke with him?


Lois said...

I don't want him to take Brook with him, because I am really enjoying her. But he probably will!

Kenneth Allen said...

That's going to be a rough week. I want Brooke to stay put, too!

Joymd said...

I'm so sad this week. I was sorry to have Palmer go, but I loved all the flash-backs. Now Adam,leaving the show.I'm sad about that. Adam (David Canary) is a wonderfull actor and I have enjoyed him for many years. I watched him on Bonanza when I was a kid. I hope to see Brook come back. Don't just tease us with her return. I want her to stay around. Show more flash-backs. Love,love,love them. AMC watcher sence 1972.