Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Doling Out the Slaps This Week!!

Two individuals in particular need a slap this week and a loud, "snap out of it!" Let's start with JR. Admittedly I've never been a big fan of this particular incarnation of JR. But after the death of Babe, the devotion to Little A, the cancer, the kinder and gentler JR emerging, I was coming around. That ended abruptly a few weeks ago. And even though I am also, admittedly not an Annie fan, for JR to continue to plot against her when she did indeed save his life makes me sick. She didn't do it for the right reasons, but she did it and he lived because of it. He doesn't have to like her, but he should at least be a little grateful. But he continued to play her, and then what happens? He gets glimpses of Annie in rare moments of honesty and vulnerability. And that just makes him plot even harder!

Conveniently JR's wife Marissa comes down with a case of swine flu and it all falls into place for him. She can't come to Washington with him so he will pay off a member of Congress to get Annie an invitation to speak about bone marrow donation, and while in Washington, he will try to seduce her. Lucky for him Brooke was in a car accident and Adam couldn't come. I can't slap JR hard enough for this plot. A bone marrow donation saved his sorry excuse for a life and he uses it to advance his own agenda?? What a mockery of a very important cause. And worse, it works! JR sets up a spy cam in his briefcase and before you know it, he and Annie are horizontal. They two of them are absolutely disgusting. All Annie ever spouts off about is how much she loves Adam and because of his health he can't have sex with her for what, a few days? A few weeks? And suddenly she's so freakin horny that she'll sleep with someone she supposedly hates? And what did JR think he was going to prove by sleeping with this step mother? Sure he may succeed in getting her out of Adam's life, but he may also succeed in getting Adam out of his own life. Smooth JR. And your guilt over it all? Too little too late. SLAP

Then we have Greenlee. Greenlee with the giant chip on her shoulder. I'd love to be sympathetic to her because she is one of my faves. But sorry Greens, you need to get a grip. This betrayal she keeps spouting off about doesn't exist. Everyone thought she was dead. Everyone yes, moved on because YOU WERE GONE A WHOLE YEAR!!! What does she expect, that everyone should just cry, grieve, gnash their teeth, beat their chests in horror and scream out that their lives are now over because Greenlee is dead? Get over yourself honey.

But that isn't even the part I'm slapping her for this week! The slap is being given because as she confronted Kendall about sleeping with Ryan, she finds out that Kendall was driving the car that ran her off the road. First of all, why is she even remotely shocked that Kendall and Ryan slept together?
Um Greenlee, Kendall is your BFF, you know how she loves grief sex. Remember the last time you "died" in the bomb shelter and she grief sexed up Aidan, your fiance!? Anyway, Greenlee immediately jumps to the conclusion that Kendall deliberately tried to kill her because she wanted Ryan for herself. Say huh??? What kind of weird ass conclusion is that to come to? For all Kendall knew Greenlee was dead and she and Ryan were not together, so how does that equate to Kendall wanting Ryan for herself? Kendall is with Zach trying to repair their marriage. I'm so perplexed by this Greenlee. The mind continually boggles at her newest accusations or conclusions. And she doesn't seem to get that David kept her from her family, her fiance, her friends. Yes, he saved her life, because that's what he does dammit! But her buying his line of BS about how he didn't want them to have to grieve her twice is kind of insulting the intelligence of Greenlee. She was alive when he found her, therefore they would not have thought she was dead the first time. But this slap is for Greenlee. Greenlee, snap the hell out of it! SLAP

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Steve said...

I want to slap some acting into Marissa and Randi! I love AMC but this show has the worst actors.

FIRE THE CASTING DIRECTOR! I dont care how nice she is.

of course no talent actors are going to say she is nice, because no other casting director in their right mind will put them on the screen.

Little Libby said...

Love your "slaps." AMEN!

Laura said...

I want to slap JR, Greenlee, Kendall, Erica *AND* Ryan.

Jay-Z said...

I agree about JR, though I really liked the chemistry between him and Annie. Can't wait to see more!

But I disagree about Greenlee. Ryan and Kendall bumped uglies less than a month after she "died" ON THE NIGHT THEY IDENTIFIED HER BODY. They were completely tasteless and deserve to get ripped apart. Period. Greenlee has no right to get angry about his relationship with Erica, but her anger toward Kendall and Ryan is completely justified.

As for the rest, I don't care if she is completely delusional if it keeps her away from Ryan. They are a wretched couple with no chemistry, and he almost punched her in the face before faking his death.

Sonja said...

I'm on board with JR and Annie getting together. I almost fall asleep every time Marissa comes on screen. I never cared one bit about the JR-Marissa relationship except to think that it was creepy that he MARRIED HIS DEAD WIFE'S TWIN SISTER ONE YEAR AFTER HIS WIFE DIED. Step aside Greenlee - if anyone has anything to be pissed about, it's Babe. So I'll be happy to see JR and Marissa split, and oh yeah, the JR-Annie thing has many, many problems, but that will make it fun!

As for Greenlee, I agree that she's gone completely crazy. I wouldn't say that Ryan "betrayed" her by sleeping with anyone after he thought she was dead, but I will say that what he and Kendall did was WRONG on many other levels, and I was happy to hear Zach say that he didn't love Kendall like he used to. Good! I'd NEVER forgive someone for doing what Kendall did to him.

I'd love for Greenlee actually to fall in love with David, but I know it won't happen. She'll end up with Ryan eventually. But I'm definitely enjoying their time apart.

Ang said...

Okay, that kissing picture of JR and Annie looks as uncomfortable on print as it was on film. She's kissing him under his nose and he's kissing her chin. Awkward!