Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anatomy of a Spurned Wife

Madison North. Gambling problem. Bad marriage. Rich. Quite brilliantly portrayed by Stephanie Gatschet.

Is she that smart? Or is she that stupid? We know she killed her husband. On the smart front, she saw her opportunity and took it, not that killing your husband is smart mind you. The smart part is that she saw an opening and took it. Henry was already down after being bonked with a bookend by Randi when he tried to force himself on her. Madison, already smarting from not being the woman he loved, decided to finish him off and gave him a second bonk with the bookend.

On the stupid front, she pretty much makes it known she's involved in Henry's death by telling Zach that her husband will no longer be a problem for Kendall. Of course Zach knows she knows more than she is saying. And then to add more stupid to the mix, she offers Zach all of Henry's files on Kendall. Madison doesn't know what Zach tends to use these information to his advantage, just ask Liza!

And more on the stupid front, she goes to Jesse and tells him she knows that Randi killed her husband. Sure, she thinks her tracks are covered because she (quite smartly) stole the surveillance footage of the hallway outside Henry's room. But seriously, if you just killed your husband, wouldn't you keep yourself on the down low? That may just be her undoing.

So what do you think?

Will Madison ultimately go down for Henry's murder?

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Anonymous said...

This is just such a stupid story line. I think it was all brought up to cause havoc in the Hubbard household. She's going to get caught we know that...Why waste our time with this murder. They need to solve Stuie's has he was so beloved. Quit dragging it out.

Little Libby said...

She might be caught - maybe for November sweeps since (as we've probably all read) Stewart's murder won't be solved until September. We already don't care who the murderer is - right?

Cathie said...

(saying this with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek)

This CAN'T be right? Madison didn't have grief sex!!

Just read that Randi is going to miscarry. I was afraid they were going to do that. Really TIRED of what they do to babies on AMC..