Sunday, July 26, 2009

CASTING NEWS - Beginning of the End for Jack??

Coming soon, Jackson Montgomery will be leaving Pine Valley and head to Europe for an undisclosed amount of time, making it impossible for Jack to represent Annie (which he offers to do this week). Is this the beginning of the end of Walt Willey's 20 year stint on AMC? The folks at AMC won't say, so stay tuned!


Little Libby said...

That is a really depressing note. Why can't the writers keep the veterans in meaningful storylines?

Maybe he's ready to go to New Mexico for good, but I doubt it. He's too vibrant a person.

Cathie said...

Oh, wow, and this is putting it NICELY, but that SUCKS!!

kimbutgar said...

Jack is one of my favorite characters. I still think he has the best chemistry with Erica. I guess there is not storyline for him. I thought they would have paired him with Krystal by now that would have drove Erica nuts!