Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poor Poor Put Upon Annie

As the "Who Killed Stuart" saga drags on, one thing is clear... nothing is as it seems. Kendall is so freaked out by her visions of Stuart that she thinks she actually killed him. Did she? Is her memory so skewed from that night that she only thinks she ran before the shot was fired? Maybe she fired then ran and blocked that little piece of vital information out. Who knows.

What we do know is that Kendall has a lot of people in her corner. So much so that her "honorable" husband Zach has taken it upon himself to make Annie look like the killer herself. It's an established fact that she was there that night so why not. Ryan's sure Annie did it. Erica's sure Annie did it. JR is sure Annie did it. Zach is sure she did too. Hell even Jesse is in on it. And hey, we all know that Annie has killed before. Pet Peeve time... whenever Annie's history as a killer is brought up, only Richie is mentioned and then Annie is quick to tell whoever will listen that if she didn't kill Richie first, he would have killed her. Who knows anymore if that's true. But the point I'm trying to make here is that she killed Di too! So why, when
Annie is making her excuses for killing Richie doesn't someone, anyone, say... "oh? And what about Di?"

So now she's being framed and it's oh so sad for poor Annie. Is she innocent really? True she doesn't seem to have a motive for killing Adam. Is she protecting someone, the person who really did it because she saw the whole thing? Was it Emma? Was it Adam himself? This much seems clear.... Annie knows who did it, whether it was her or not. The way she asked Emma that night to forget what she saw. The way she got very nervous when Emma told her she remembered who shot Stuart and then the relief that washed over her when Emma said it was Kendall. All very curious don't you think? So, we did a poll before but with new information coming to light, lets do a new one.

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Tiffany said...

So where has Aidan been? He's not off the show is he?

Little Libby said...

Does anyone really care who the murderer is? The writers just drag this on so long. It happens all the time and I really get bored and think: who cares - let's just indicate that all of Pine Valley was involved. Move on and before Labor Day. GRRRRRRRR!!!!

Peaceole said...

My thoughts are that Adam killed Stuart he has blocked part of the night out and who knows why he did it. He must of thought he saw someone after him or through the darkness saw the gun. Annie and Emma must of witness the whole thing. Emma said "I saw what happen" she did not say I saw what you did. So I think Annie saw it and saw a way to take advantage of it. She had nothing against Adam so "saving" him would benefit her.

This is just my opinion.

And where was Nurse Gayle? Did she already leave town?

Laura said...

A plausible theory I heard recently was that Adam was so out of his mind on the drugs that he shot Stuart and doesn't remember. The truth comes out, Adam goes off to jail and David Canary exits.

Cathie said...

I've been thinking Adam for a while, too. Emma did see Kendall that night, but she also saw Adam. I think that's why she chose to talk to Adam at the hospital.

But, unlike Kathy, I think Annie is a much better parent than sperm donor Ryan. Maybe because of my background, but with Annie's childhood trauma, I can't write her off like this. I DO think she's put upon!!

I've never been a fan of the character Annie, but any time a writer does character assassination like this, it bugs me. I'm also SICK of how Ryan claims he's such a perfect parent. Well, a REAL parent wouldn't have started having sex in the same house with his daughter, starting with pre-grief sex Greenlee. She was 6, she needed her daddy, not the confusion of a "new mommy."

Kathy said...

Ryan is far from perfect but if you cut her slack for her childhood then don't you have to cut him slack for the same reason? He didn't have a great one either.

I'm starting to think Richie was right, it was really Annie who was nuts all along and not him.

Annie said...

There was an "In memory of ...", at the end of, I believe, July 29th show. Does anyone remember the name and who it was?

Kathy said...

Annie, I haven't watched the show yet this week, but I checked my DVR tapes and did not see any "In memory of.." at the end of any of the shows this week. The beginning of Monday's OLTL had a photo of Phil Carey (Asa) that looked like it was for a memorial service, but that's all.

Sonja said...

Like the majority, I think Emma did it. I think that is what Kendall has blocked out: Little Spikey's half-sister pulling the trigger.

As for Annie's motive, the only one I can think of is that she thought Adam would try to prevent her from taking Emma and leaving the property, but that falls apart because she should have then gone on a killing spree and killed the other 1000 people wandering about the mansion that night. So I'm guessing Emma. I mean, with the "You have to forget what you saw" conversation they've replayed constantly, the only people Annie would try to protect would be herself and Emma, so if Annie didn't do it, Emma did. My 2 cents.