Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth Ehlers!!!!

Happy Birthday wishes today go out to Beth Ehlers (Taylor)!!! She celebrates her 41st birthday today. And note to AMC... it's way past due to heat up her storyline!


fitz said...



Nathan said...

Looks like her storyline is going to be heating up in the dog days of summer. If they just give the two a chance, Tad & Taylor are going to be pretty great.

Little Libby said...

Sorry, Nathan, but I don't feel any chemistry with Tad and Taylor. Actually, I haven't like the way Beth's character, Taylor, has been written. I find her acting stiff and boring. It could be the dialogue she's been given, but I'm not sure of that. Only my opinion

Nathan said...

I don't know. They seem way more real in their scenes together than most of the so called great couples of the show. And that's what I want, two characters that seem like they would actually have a relationship together rather than reciting melodramatic lines.

It's probably why I have no liked any of Kendall's pairings (though I like Zach), and I don't feel any love for Jackson & Erica. I just think that Michael E. Knight is one of the few actors in daytime that plays it away from "soap opera".

Ricky Paull Goldin is another one.

Little Libby said...

Michael E. Knight could just stand on a dark stage with a spotlight and I'd be happy. He's the primary reason that I haven't given up on the show.

Still haven't warmed up to Ricky. Some days he's just too silly and that's saying a lot since I love Tad! :)