Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jennifer Bassey!!!!

Happy birthday wishes a day late to the incomparable Jennifer Bassey!!! What more can be said than AMC needs more Marian!


Thom said...

Woot...HBD Jennifer. They need to put her back on contract :) Hey Marian..can ya shed some light on what Liza blackmailed Jake with? I'm so lost and confused with that. Happy Birthday

Kathy said...

Sure, but I'm not Marian LOL. Liza was in on the plan to fake Amanda's baby's death and then put the child up for adoption. But Liza wanted the baby for herself, so she blackmailed Jake into giving her the baby by telling him she would clue David into his and Amanda's plan to keep him away from the baby.

Cathie said...

Oh, yes, we need lots and lots more Marian! (Plus, as I've said before, Stuart..)