Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of July 6!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted and can you believe it, another murder rocks Pine Valley! This one is no mystery though, it will be very clear who's dead and who did it. So, Erica and Ryan grow closer. Randi informs Frankie he's going to be a daddy. All this and more, and if you can believe it, Annie and Adam have sex!

**PLEASE NOTE** ABC will begin coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service on Tuesday at 10 am/PST - 1 pm EST.


KyL416 said...

ABC recently announced that Tuesday they're going to carry the Michael Jackson event live across the network beginning at 1pm ET/10am ET. So it looks like the Friday cliffhanger will air next Monday. My guess is the west coast will get The View after it's over (since the 10am PT airing will be pre-empted) and probably either Monday's episodes or some other rerun joined in progress if the event is over before 2pm PT.

Kathy said...

Thanks! I hadn't heard that. I'll update the blog to reflect the change.

KyL416 said...

Yeah, it's really a last minute thing. The details of the event were released Friday, and the majority of the publicity departments of the various networks had Friday off, so we'll be lucky if the change makes it to the listings for DVR's by the Monday afternoon update.

Cathie said...

Must really be last minute, as I emailed the program director at my local ABC station and he said they will be STREAMING the Jackson deal, but that they are showing regular programming. In fact, all of the stations I watch are streaming it on their news pages.

So who knows? I know I'm not watching it, so, if my local news and AMC aren't shown, that's just more time to get thru my 39 hours of shows on the dvr (well, not all is mine, some belongs to my husband LOL)

Mykhal Jaems said...

Gag! Gross! Nasty! I guess we knew it was coming, Adam & Annie. I hope they don't show more than they already have!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh I winced when I read about Adam & Annie ...eeewwwww!

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Cathie said...

Adam and Annie.. just wondering what bothers you the most about it.

I know this is mean, but when Annie first came on the show, I told a friend that she (actress) did the most horrible things with her mouth when she and Ryan had sex. Sorry, but I don't think her having sex with Adam will be any worse!

Just PLEASE have some lost dog or something break in when Ryan and Erica have sex, tho!

Hmm, maybe it's a theme.. NO ONE should be having sex with Ryan! He should be PARENTING his daughter! I am so SICK of this character. Let's just make he and Aiden lovers, okay? Then, for sure, I'd not have to see anyone having sex with Ryan! Those PRUDES at ABC would never show it.

Sorry if I'm even more off the wall tonight than usual, I've been awake for over 48 hours (and NOT for any GOOD reason, like being in Vegas with free drinks!)

Cathie said...

I guess they have "gone green" on AMC! Watching Jesse cover up a murder he thought Randi did is such deja vu.. can we say Jackson Montgomery???