Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spoilers for the Week of July 27!!!

This week there are tons of spoilers for all you spoiler junkies out there! Don't miss a minute as Annie is framed for attempted murder, Kendall is sure of her guilt, the Hubbards deal with a devastating loss, Scott, Natalia and Jack all come to Annie's defense and much more!


Cathie said...

Well, I worry about Emma because her sperm donor, Ryan, is too busy having a new "love of his life" every few minutes. Is Annie balanced? Not really, but she protected Emma from crazy rapist Terry, who was actually Emma's father, as he and Annie were married when Emma was born (and had gotten custody of the little girl, which is why Annie was on the run). That little girl needs a fun daddy, like Tad, with grandparents in place (even if we never see Ruth).

Emma has gone catatonic because no one has been LISTENING to her! She apparently has seen a murder (at least that's the story this week), has lived on the run, has been in the middle of two divorces, has come behind in importance while her sperm donor has a series of women. Every time she tries to tell Ryan something, he shushes her and tells her to go to bed and he'll be up "soon" (after he's had grief sex, no doubt).

Little Libby said...