Monday, June 28, 2010

And Now the Guys!

Finding full length pictures of the men is definitely not as easy as finding them for the women! Maybe the photographers think we don't want to see what the guys are wearing, but hello... we do! The men of AMC are already so handsome, but add a tux, or a beautifully tailored suit and they are downright drool worthy!

As you can see, Walt's tux arrived unscathed! Walt Willey (Jack) is downright dashing!

Doing a little creative editing, here's a pic of Cameron Mathison (Ryan) on stage presenting the award for Outstanding Younger Actor.

Our loan male nominee of the night, Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) looked very Bond, James Bond in his white dinner jacket with black pants.

JR Martinez (Brot) was featured during the "Daytime Gives Back" segment. He looks amazing and I always love his smile!

Jacob Young (JR) certainly knows how to look great! Love the shiny tie.

What can you say about Vincent Irizarry (David)! The grey, the purple, the handsome? OK, a tie would have been nice (Cameron too for that matter!), but Vincent looks positively yummy IMO!

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