Monday, June 28, 2010

COMMENTARY: The Daytime Emmys

I'm thrilled that the Daytime Emmys found a home on network television this year. And I think it's really fun that the show was held in Las Vegas. But this years telecast suffered from the same problem as last years. While last years show was on the CW network, it was, in essence, a two hour commercial for CW. This years show was more like a two hour commercial for Las Vegas. The acts that still perform there came out to pay tribute to Dick Clark. Not that he doesn't deserve a tribute, but still it was Vegasy. Cirque de Soleil was there to help present an award. The Vegas production of The Lion King was also on hand. Heck even David Copperfield made an appearance lest you forget it's Vegas baby!

This is where the Emmys falters. They work so hard at trying to make an entertaining show that they forget what they are actually there for and WHO should be doing that entertaining. I cannot be alone in my desire to see our daytime stars being the ones who entertain. Every year, ABC Daytime puts on a big show in NYC for Broadway Cares where the stars come out and sing, perform, dance, do all kinds of things. THIS is what the Daytime Emmys should showcase. Highlight our daytime stars. Isn't that what the Daytime Emmys should be about? And I'm not just talking about the soaps. Regis sings. Whoopie is a comedian, as is Ellen. If they have to have performances, get the people of daytime to perform!

And isn't this what Soapnet should have been concentrating on all along? Featuring Daytime performers? Now Soapnet is on it's last legs, having all but forgotten what it was created for in the first place (wouldn't Soapnet be the ideal home for the Daytime Emmys???). Last year, while the Daytime Emmys hung in the balance of no broadcast, Soapnet did not step to the plate to show it. That still boggles my mind. If the Emmys get a telecast next year, I'll be very surprised.

But there were highlights. Some very lovely highlights in fact. Maura West winning Outstanding Lead Actress for As the World Turns was one of my favorite moments of the night. True, I've never seen her act. I only know her name from seeing it in the soap mags and at awards shows. I don't even know her character name. But when she won and the camera panned to her daughter crying with joy for her mother, and then Maura herself calling daughter Catherine up to the stage to be with her... well I'm a sap. I openly admit that. And I cried right along with them. It was such a sweet moment and a precious moment as Maura ended mentioning all her children by name and saying, "Catherine and I will curtsy for them" and she and daughter both bowed down into a beautiful curtsy. Lovely moment.

Of course, the tribute to Agnes Nixon was the biggest highlight of the night for me. How she had gone this long without receiving a lifetime achievement award is something I cannot fathom. But she has it now and the tribute paid to her was beautiful and heartfelt. Susan Lucci (Erica) was chosen to give the award and it was the perfect choice. I love when Susan said, "I would not be who I am today, I would not be here today if Agnes Nixon had not created the feisty Erica Kane." So many people were filmed thanking Agnes for all her contributions to daytime. It was so lovely, so in case you missed it, here it is again:

By contrast, the tribute to As the World Turns, going off the air on September 17, 2010 after 54 years, was an shameful embarrassment. If it lasted all of two minutes I'd be surprised. How about cutting out The Lion King segment and remembering what the Daytime Emmys are for!


NuttyAboutSoaps said...

Soaps are a dying breed and everyone knows it. As a result, networks will only agree to air the daytime Emmys if they can put some sort of "spin" on the show that will attract a general audience. Last year, the CW network used the opportunity to showcase their own series. This year, it was all about Dick Clark and Las Vegas. Who knows? Next year, with only six daytime dramas, they may not even have the awards anymore. Sad to say, but as soaps phase out, it eventually will all go away.

Steve said...

No tribute for James Mitchell? Not a mention of any of the soap stars that passed away?

NuttyAboutSoaps said...

Steve, they stopped doing the memorial tributes a few years ago. I don't like the change, either. I always thought it was appropriate to take a few seconds to remember those who have been lost....

Audree said...

That's right. Think it could be appreciated if they don't stopped the memorial tributes for those who had passed away.


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