Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of June 6!!!

Check out this weeks spoilers, now posted! It's a big week as Liza pulls out all the stops to break up Damon and Colby, Greenlee's guilt gets the better of her, David is arrested, Erica's had enough of mountain life and Jake and Amanda get married!


Angie said...

oooh! ooh! I love AMC so much!!

I’m also a big fan of Dave Barnes, and Dave Barnes appears on today’s episode of All My Children! Visit to get a free track from his new album, or purchase his album on AmazonMP3 for only $3.99 today at It’s a great deal!

JJ said...

People keep saying they think that "mountain man" is the "new Courtland heir" but why not J.R.? Dixie Cooney (or is it Coony? I forget) is his mom, after all.

The soaps love to lead viewers down the garden path..