Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Wins for AMC, But They Look Great!!!

AMC may not have won any Emmys tonight but Diva Blackwell has a few things to say about our stars knowing how to dress for the occasion! The color of the night was definitely silver and gold and many of our ladies shined. (remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it)

The stunning Bobbie Eakes (Krystal), nominated tonight for
Outstanding Lead Actress, wore a beautiful silver gown and you can see just a hint of a red shoe. She looks amazing!

Rebecca Budig
(Greenlee) a presenter tonight, also in silver, shined! Her ensemble was a bit more casual, but the up do and the awesome shoes
completed a great look.

Chrishell Stause
(Amanda) was interviewed backstage about working on a soap. This girl can wear a burlap sack and look gorgeous but this dress is no burlap sack! Is it two shades of gold or both silver and gold? I can't tell in the pics. Her hair is fantastic too!

Not to be outdone and pulling in not just color but a pattern too, Denise Vasi (Randi) is always a stunner.

And check out those kickin shoes!

No Emmy night would be complete without Susan Lucci (Erica)!! I'm a sucker for a black gown and tonight, Susan's did not disappoint! Love the bodice, love the mermaid bottom. Love her hair! Love her head to toe.

Jamie Luner (Liza) also opted for black (much like Liza lol). The look is simple but elegant.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) looked like a Grecian goddess in this pale yellow gown. Her hair, from what I could make out in the pic, looks stunning!

And even though she was on the road with Walt's tux, Stephanie Gatschet (Madison) certainly did not forget to pack her own dress. What a knock out!!! I love the broach on the bodice, I love the color with the black at the bottom.

Bravo ladies of AMC!!!

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NuttyAboutSoaps said...

I think that Rebecca was going for the "sexy space cadet" look.... and it would have worked if the dress had been shorter and tighter, which would have looked terrific with the shoes.

I can't vouch for the hairstyle, though, which simply wasn't one of her best.