Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of June 20!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted and Erica's back!!! This is good news and bad news for David and Greenlee. Damon's "father" comes back to Pine Valley, Jack proposes, Bianca is drugged and FUSION is shut down!


Little Libby said...

Why would David drug Bianca? So far, the new writers are no better than the old ones in my opinion - Caleb the Mountain Man and now a Bianca poisoning backs up my opinion. Can't we put David and Greenlee, Liza JR/Annie/Scott and the ever constant kissy/kissy of Jake and Amanda on the back burner?

It isn't like Jake and Amanda haven't been married for a year already.

judyjj said...

I'm waiting for them to explain why Caleb the reclusive Mountain Man has a VERY EXPENSIVE designer haircut. Salon services in Pigeon Hollow are much more advanced than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Same as when Janet Green hid away in the woods with Pierce and Laura, suddenly she was a natural blonde!