Sunday, June 13, 2010

COMMENTARY: Diva Blackwell Returns!!!

If you're a long time PVB reader, you may remember columns I had done when I donned my Diva Blackwell cute little strapless number and rated the gowns. Usually it was after a Crystal Ball or big function. Since we don't have Crystal Ball's anymore, I decided to go for it with Jake and Amanda's rewedding fashions!

Let's start with the bridesmaids. Odd choices, no doubt. But Amanda was determined to share the love so she chose Liza to be paired with Tad and Greenlee to be paired with Ryan. Liza's dress was nice enough. It was sleek and fit her beautifully. But I don't know, it was just... off. Maybe it was the sour puss she had plastered on her face the whole time. And how about a nice up do? On a whole, I wasn't crazy about it. It was nothing special and kind of 80's, not in a good way.

Greenlee, also in black, wore a rather unusual dress. Ruffles on top, ruffles on the skirt. But the ruffles remained in the front. They didn't go all the way around the skirt. So if you looked at her from the front, it looked like a
completely different dress than if you were looking at her from the back. I liked it from the front. I liked it from the back. But I didn't like it as a whole. And the hair? Lovely from the front but a bit too much bulk in the back. Great earrings!

I couldn't find a picture of Madison, who's dress and hair I loved. But I found an alright photo of Randi. This dress I did not like. The color was drab. The design was not very flattering. I wasn't crazy about the way Randi's hair was styled. And yet, Randi managed to look beautiful anyway. It's a testament to just how gorgeous Denise Vasi is. Great shoes and great earrings though!

Then we have Colby. Her hair was adorable. The dress was age appropriate, but honestly I wasn't crazy about it. Like her dress for the rehearsal, I found it too short. But I guess an 18
or 19 year old girl, whatever she is these days, would wear a dress that short. Great color though.

Opal and Ruth looked so beautiful! I missed having Joe there, but it was wonderful to have Ruth and even more wonderful that she didn't have to wear that awful wig
anymore! Lee Meriweather is a stunning woman. She looked every bit the mother of the groom. A lovely full length gown of the lightest blush. Just enough detail on the bodice and jacket to look elegant but not flashy. As with everyone else, the jewelry is spot on.

Opal had on a lovely gold halter dress with a jewel encrusted collar. Very pretty. Loved her hair up. The skirt of the gown flowed and looked like it
would be very comfortable. And while it was elegant and beautiful, it had enough of an Opal edge that she still looked like herself.

Best dressed guest though, hands down goes to Krystal. She was perfection, head to toe. The dress, the hair, the jewelry... the whole package. Her hair was swept up in a romantic style that had tendrils falling down around her face. The dress was a lovely sort of mauve or pink. The bodice hugged her curves perfectly and the neckline plunged just enough to look sexy but not trashy. The small amount of ruffle on one shoulder was perfect. How is she dateless?

Angie had a stunning knee length, one shoulder silver dress that looked like it was absolutely made for Debbi Morgan. It had a jeweled pin on the shoulder that added just the right amount of pizazz. And while I generally prefer her hair straight these days, the curls look beautiful on her.

And then there was Amanda. Truly
one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen on AMC and I've seen LOTS of stunning brides. Her hair was impeccable. Pulled back and up, with curls and a beautiful jeweled headpiece. No veil necessary. Beautiful understated jewelry. Lovely flowers. And the dress... omg the dress!! Absolutely amazing. Full length that flared out into a modest train. The bodice looked kind of like embroidered lace that crisscrossed over the bust. And then the back crisscrossed. There were buttons at the waist. For those out there who are thinking "I want that dress!!" it was designed by Amy Michelson. I have a feeling, if you are thinking "I want that dress!" when you look at her website you may be torn. There are so many gorgeous gowns! I can see why, when choosing a gown, this was Chrishell's first choice. Absolutely stunning.

Oh and the guys looked good too.


herlittlefeet said...

Have you noticed that Crystal looks extra pretty lately? But, her story line seems weird. I also like Angie's hair curly. I hate when she wears those awful wigs! Amanda always looks gorgeous! I hope the writers don't make her crazy. Really enjoy your blog!

Little Libby said...

I agree with your commentary. I really think Denise is beautiful but I also hated the red lipstick. She looks so much prettier with pink or mauve lips

Dawn said...

any idea what the song was that they were playing? the lyrics went something like "a siren I'm drawn to" they played it before back in Sept/Oct 09 but I could never find the name of the song anywhere or who sang it.