Tuesday, June 8, 2010

COMMENTARY: I Am Seriously About to Lose My Lunch!

Yeah yeah, I know so many of you are loving the heat between JR and Annie. Love it if you must, but those two make me want to hurl! First Annie sleeps with JR, and now she's setting up a date for fleshy fun time with Scott. Whore much Annie? I mean one day they are picnicking and the next day she's booking them a hotel room? Then when JR shows up instead, she's clearly thrilled by it. And JR? What is up with him!? Don't answer that, I think we all know what's "up" with JR. He claims to love his wife. If he doesn't, then cut her loose and be done with it. This dance he and Annie have going on is not just sickening, it's kind of gross and works my gag reflex to it's limit.

This is just some of their dialog from yesterday (omg, I can't believe I'm about to relive this horror!):

JR: You're rubbing Scott in my face.
Annie: You insisted you don't give a damn about me, so what do you care?
JR: It tortures Marissa.
Annie: It tortures Marissa?
JR: Yeah, the way you walk around the house, the way that you look at me.
Annie: What about the way that you look at me?
JR: And yet it is so clear. You want me to take you on that bed and make love to you.
Annie: Um, I think that's what you want to do, actually.

Had enough? Wait there's more:

JR: One loving, devoted partner with my father. Didn't work then and it still won't. Because love and devotion aren't your thing.
Annie: But lust is, right? And you know firsthand. I mean, that's why you're here taunting me, isn't it?
JR: I've tried to get you to be honest about Scott.
Annie: You be honest. Because as much as you claim to love that perfect wife of yours, I know you don't want her the way that you want me.
JR: Oh, don't flatter yourself.
Annie: Actually, knowing you, you probably want both of us. Marissa as the perfect wife and me as the perfect lover. Too bad it's not gonna happen.
JR: OK, then prove it. Kiss me. Kiss me again and tell me you don't want me.

I wonder who's ego is bigger, Annie or JR. It's definitely a tough call.

The best thing that could come out of this is Marissa showing some backbone. There's no way on this earth that she should be sharing a house with the woman her husband slept with. No way, absolutely not. Marissa has the right to stay there, Annie does not. Get a spine Marissa and kick the manipulative murdering skank to the curb! Hasn't having Krystal and David for parents taught you anything at all? Damn, how did those two end up with such a mealy-mouthed wuss of a daughter? You can bet your ass that Babe would never have stood for such nonsense.


Karen said...


Lois said...

I totally agree with everything you are saying. I can't stand Annie. She has been on this show way too long as it is. Please get rid of her! Also Scott is just an idiot.

Steve said...

I hope JR screws Annie like the whore she is! I love this storyline!

sonja said...

I love JR and Annie! It's one of those storylines that is so bad that it's good. And parts of that dialog were funny! Like when JR says, "You want me to take you on that bed and make love to you," and Annie says, "Um, I think that's what you want to do, actually." That's good stuff!

If Annie and JR became a real couple, I think they could be a great, evil, scheming duo. I suppose Scott and Marissa are suited to each other, although I fear I might fall asleep every time they appear on screen together.

Kathy said...

Well Sonja, agree to disagree because I thought that dialog was ridiculous!

Totally agree about Scott and Marissa though. What a snore!

Carrie L. B. said...

I'm so done with Marissa. I don't see any reason for her to be on the show except as a furrowed-brow cry-baby foil for Annie's scenes.

Poor Scott needs a story line that's not JR's sloppy seconds for a change...

Love Annie. Sick of the Chandlers. REALLY sick of Marissa.