Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Possible CASTING NEWS: Thorsten Kaye!?

At least for a brief time, but maybe longer?   That remains to be seen.   Carolyn Hinsey of SOD is reports from her Vegas blog:
A few AMC stars asked me how Thorsten Kaye is doing (great!) and are pleased he is coming back to film Kendall's return in July. Can't AMC write a juicy story worthy of his talents and work out a deal where Thorsten flies back and forth to LA? "We're working on it," whispered an exec. 
Sounds good!  Get to it execs, get Thorsten back!!


sonja said...

I love Thorsten Kaye. He was my favorite on the show. I hope he does come back.

Anonymous said...

Love him and Kendal together on AMC. Not the same without them and David Canary.

tkfan4ever said...

Thorsten Kaye is an Outstanding Actor, no wonder AMC are doing what they can to get TK/Zach back, short or long term!? I would love to see him back on Daytime TV; but not necessarily on AMC.To commute to LA for a lack luster, poorly written storyline/s, is an insult to TK and his Talents. So if he agrees the writer better not F___K UP. But if TK is happy to commute to LA then I am happy too. If leaving his family for a long period of time is something TK doen't wish to do, and therefore only commits to a short term storyline
Then as a TRUE FAN again I'm happy.
NO TK NO AMC it's that simple!Wherever TK goes I go....:)

diamondeyes said...

Thorsten Kaye is an excellent actor. I looked forward to seeing him on the show. May I add, easy on the eyes. You need more steady families on the show. Zak and Kendall just belong!!! Please try to spice it up so that He will stay long term. I sure have missed him on the show.