Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interesting Commentary on the Demise of Soaps

Jim Romanovich, who pretty much saved the Daytime Emmy's a few years ago, blogs, and he put out a doozy this week!   Click HERE to read.  It's long, but well worth it.  Thanks Jim!


Karen said...

May be AMC is not to the top of list. Maybe alot of the younger generation is not into the soaps today like older people were in their younger days. I will truely feel a great void in my life for the loss of AMC. I have watched the show since day 1. Love the characters and I agree some storylines were very far fetched but them some really tore at the heart. Felt like loss my own mom when Mona died and Pheobe was another great loss. When characters we have long loved and watched forever are gone will seem like apiece of our life will diminish too. I will miss AMC very much as I am not a big tv person but can guarentee will not be a ABC watcher at all. And know several others whi say the same. maybe ABC will go down too. One can only hope! I would like to thank all the Characters in AMC for giving me 40 years of entertainment and joy. And best of luck to them all!

sonja said...

It's really too bad that ABC/Disney didn't try to move both or either AMC and OLTL (maybe combine them) over to SoapNet and see if that would be successful. Having an original soap (as opposed to reruns) might have propped up the channel. I think it would have been worth a try. I certainly would have gone there to watch. I really see no point in "Disney Jr," which, as Mr. Romanovich pointed out, is redundant.

John said...

Sonia...SoapNet will no longer be SoapNet as of next spring I's changing over to another kids unfortunately moving the shows over wasn't an option.