Sunday, April 3, 2011

Performer of the Week - Jesse

It's difficult to chose between the amazing Debbi Morgan and the fabulous Darnell Williams for such honors as Performer of the Week, but this week was all about Jesse.  Having whisked his beloved wife Angie away to the Justice of the Peace where they were married so many years ago, their walk down memory lane was interrupted when Angie started to feel contractions and more.  It was much more.  It was all out pain.  

So in labor with an apparent complication and no time to get to the hospital, Jesse had to step up and deliver his baby girl Ellie, named after his mother.  Just as he was started to see the baby's head, in sheer exhaustion and overwhelming pain, Angie passed out.  Jesse was able to deliver the baby but it was soon apparent that the news was not good.  The baby did not survive the delivery.  Jesse's anguish as he desperately tried to get baby Ellie to breathe was more than I could stand.  My own tears flowed as I watched Jesse's rolling down his face.  He tried so hard to revive her and then Brot arrived, having someone to share his pain with, with Angie still unconscious, was even worse.  

Holding his baby in his arms he told her tried and tried and when he cried, "where did you go?  where did you go?" well kids, I'm done for.  Tears turned to sobs and the pain Jesse felt seemed so very real.   I don't like what transpired next.  Brot had an abandoned baby with him, conveniently an African American newborn girl.  Without missing a beat and absolutely zero thought to what he was doing, Jesse placed her in Angie's arms after Angie woke to the sounds of that baby crying and thinking she was hers.  All he knew as that his wife sacrificed so much, her own sight even, for this child and he could not break her heart.  This is not a path I would want Jesse to go, but since he's gone full steam ahead, I will take great pleasure in watching Debbi and Darnell shine.



sonja said...

The "where did you go?" line got me too. Darnell Williams was, indeed, superb in that episode. I'm not his biggest fan - I don't hate him or anything, but I don't tend to stop and watch his scenes either. But that one, that one I stopped to watch. He was amazing.

Little Libby said...

When you predicted a "box of Kleenex" episode, you were so right. I don't cry easily but those scenes were heart-wrenching.

judyjj said...

I love these two actors SO MUCH.

Molly said...

I HATE this story line! Jesse as Chief of Police has done so many crimes. He should be in jail! I hate the baby switch story - and burying Ellie in an unmarked grave in a park is no better than how we bury road-kill. Sick. For him to do the baby swap is unforgiveable for whatever reason. Angie should have been able to hold her dead baby girl and give her a proper buriel and funeral. I now fast forward any scenes with Jesse and Angie in them. Yuck.