Monday, April 18, 2011

A Letter from Susan Lucci

Thanks to ABC Fan Club President Debbie Morris for passing this along.

In 1970 I became the luckiest woman on earth, when Agnes Nixon gave me the role of Erica Kane on “All My Children.”  The show and the character has become an indelible part of my life and my heart.
Words cannot truly express how devastated I am to have learned this morning, that “All My Children” will be coming to an end.  I have spent my adult life playing this role, getting to say and do all the amazing things that Erica has said and done.  I have acquired the most meaningful collection of life memories any actress and woman could ever have.  Throughout the years, the “All My Children” family  of cast, staff and crew have become so near and dear to me and my own family.

There will never be a show that will ever be able to replicate the true extended family unit that “All My Children” has given to us all.

My heart goes out to Agnes Nixon.  History will forever celebrate her vision and contributions to the very fabric of our lives.  Her legacy will live on in the books as well as our hearts!

For all the millions of fans who have watched “All My Children” so passionately over the years, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.  They are all part of my extended family as well and I know our lives will forever be bound by all we have shared these years together.   As I said the night I won my Emmy, I am going to play Erica Kane for all she’s worth until the very last episode.  I do this for myself and most importantly for all the devoted and loyal fans who have only shown us unconditional love and support.



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The Stitching Barn said...

What a class act Susan Lucci is. I know that this must be really hard for her.