Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Latest... Possible Returns, Possible Save?

As fans protest, loudly, that we want our soaps, is anyone listening?  Hoover isOprah isn't.  But what about Sony? is reporting that Sony is looking to snag some actors from both AMC and OLTL after the cancellations for their soaps Days of Our Lives and Young and the Restless, naming Debbi Morgan (Angie) and Jacob Young (JR) as two that Sony is interested in.  Now others are reporting that Sony wants to buy AMC and OLTL and then place them on NBC.  Unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny because with all the rumors, half truths, outright lies and every little thing being reported somewhere, it's hard to keep up and hard to know what stories have any basis in reality.  Actors are being hushed (it's likely the Trent Garrett "imposter" wasn't one, but he instead spoke out of turn and was silenced.  Just as Chrishell Stause was silenced after she tweeted about leaving anyway but wanting the show to stay on the air).  For more information on the protest and when the next one is, visit the Protest Across America website.

So as the show gears up for it's final few months on the air, it's looking more and more like it might actually get a good and proper send off.   Bringing in Lorraine Broderick as head writer was certainly a step in the right direction.  Her works is set to begin airing on June 27.  And word has it that Agnes Nixon is working with Broderick on storyline for the finale, which pretty much guarantees it will be done right.  Already some returns are in the works.  Cady McClain (Dixie) is in talks with the show to return before the ending in September.  Whether Dixie is alive or dead has not be specified.   

Thorsten Kaye (Zach) has expressed interest in returning and finishing up the story right.  Thorsten reported told SOD's Carolyn Hinsey, "I am very open to going back and finishing this up the right way.  I would like to be there when the fat lady sings. I wasn't aware the fat lady was warming up, and frankly I think it's too soon for her to be singing, but here we are."

If the show has to end, my wish list for returns (other than Zach) is Brooke and Adam and Joe and Ruth


JuJu said...

the thing I hate is that I'm really starting to enjoy Griffin and Kendall together. (although, i'm tired of hearing her thank him for saving her life)
And, Tad finally gets a story?

Ugh. I hate this.

Cathie said...

Seeing Erica go through her scrapbook and today made the cynic in me believe that AMC was canceled well over a month before the word was made official. Makes me sick how the fans got played!!

I'm with JuJu, Tad gets his story now?? (btw, Michael's birthday is coming up).

I know Kathy must be "thrilled" with the Dixie talk. I am, but if she "really returns" doesn't that send Cara straight to prison? No, I don't think that Tad would be an adulterer or anything, at least.

I'm just sad that my only reason to watch daytime tv will soon be over. Of course, I dvr and watch at night, but it's just sad.

Oh, and this Krystal-as-possible-captor just annoys the heck out of me too! Okay, must be time to shut up!!

Kathy said...

Very true Cathie, I'm not a Dixie fan but even I can see the value of bringing her back for the finale. For the fans who loved her. I'm in the minority of disliking her.

I just hope they bring back some of my faves too, like Adam and Brooke!

Cathie said...

Since my dvr rudely erased my copy of the anniversary show (I only got to see it twice, cried my eyes out seeing Palmer speak), why not bring them all back? I know, where would we start/stop (and would ABC let us take over the airwaves for a week of 24 hour programming?)??

I still want to wake up from this bad dream!!