Tuesday, February 23, 2010

COMMENTARY: The Pratt Aftermath

He's gone. Finally, mercifully gone. His name is no longer in the credits. May we never speak of him again. Amen.

Now... on to better things. Brooke returns today. TODAY! It's not a long term return, but it's a return nonetheless. It's a sign to me that if one return is possible then there can be more. Julia Barr has been sorely missed. Her easy chemistry with David Canary (Adam) and Michael E. Knight (Tad). Her pillar of the community strength. Her sparring with Erica (Susan Lucci). I can't decide what I'm looking forward to most about her return. All those things I mentioned are going to be fun to watch, but maybe the most fun will watching Annie squirm when she sees how much Adam has missed having Brooke around.

While I'm talking about Annie, I can't help but wonder what the dang deal is with Scott. He keeps defending Annie to anyone who doubts her, proclaiming how in love with his Uncle Adam she is. But then, whenever the mood strikes, they are kissing each other like there is no tomorrow. That in and of itself shows how little she really loves Adam. And when Colby messes with her, trying to get her to act crazy (which she inevitably does every time), Scott is there yet again to swoop in and save the day. He finds new ways to defend and justify her strange behavior blaming Colby for pushing Annie but never blaming Annie for actually taking the bait and acting like the nutball so many know she still is. Basically what I'm saying here is, if Scott loves his Uncle as much as he claims to, wouldn't he try to protect him? From where I'm sitting, he's throwing Adam to the wolves by defending someone who is clearly unstable. Colby was right. After Scott taunted her by saying why didn't she leave a loaded gun in every room (to mess with Annie), Colby said, "You're making my point for me Scott. If that woman's unstable enough to be dangerous around guns, she doesn't belong in this house." Scott covered his idiocy by saying that it was Colby who was making her unstable. Seriously Scott? Chick's been in Oak Haven, which in and of itself doesn't make her crazy but she is in fact crazy! For old times sake, Scott gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award for being so wishy washy!

So why is it never Annie's fault? Richie made her crazy. Greenlee made her crazy. Ryan made her crazy. Dr. Sinclair made her crazy. Now Colby's making her crazy Bottom line, Annie made Annie crazy. She's joined the ranks of Janet from Another Planet and Loony Leslie. She needs a nickname! Unhinged Annie? Erratic Annie? How about
Apeshit Annie? Yeah... I like it! Apeshit Annie it is!

Let's talk Damon. Now, as far as I know I'm not giving anything away here, it's purely speculation that I've heard being talked about on my board. Some think that Damon will turn out to be Max Santos. It's certainly possible. When Hayley was in town to shoot the Pine Valley documentary, she did tell Adam that she and Mateo were having problems with Max, that he was getting into a lot of trouble. He certainly could have changed his name and run off, knocking up his girlfriend and committing crimes along the way. Seriously can you blame the kid? If I had to live with the Digit of Death, I'd act out too! The only thing I can say about this is that the show has kept Finn Wittrock and put him on contract for a reason. I have yet to discover that reason, whether he is Max or not.

So what do you think, are David and Greenlee a match made in heaven, hell or a little of both? Yeah, a little of both I think. Personally I've always liked the chemistry between David and Greenlee. Not necessarily as a couple, but as whatever they were before. It isn't beyond the realm of possibility that David could fall in love with Greenlee. The man craves love. But he certainly goes about getting it in all the wrong ways.

Who could ever forget the way he blackmailed Gillian into his bed? (In case you did forget, Gillian needed money to bail Ryan out of prison on a rape charge. He was accused of raping Kit Fisher, Jack's sister, but it ended up being his brother Braden). And later, still resorting to trickery, he blackmailed Amanda into his bed. David, David, David. Wait let's not forget how he manipulated Dixie into his bed. And how he drugged Krystal into his bed. Oh my! David! When it's all out there it's pretty skeevy. He also drugged the whole town. He blackmailed Allie but I can't remember if he blackmailed her into bed or not. I don't think he did.

Wow. And through it all, I just can't help but love the guy! There is something so fun and dangerous about David. His snarky comebacks when he's around Tad or Jake. The way he calls JR, Junior in that condescending David way. Poor David, he's just a misunderstood madman! Can Greenlee be his match? His manipulative equal? I don't know but the possibilities intrigue me.

Don't expect Ryan to just give up though. With Greenlee's admission that she still loves him, Ryan isn't going to bow out and let David win his lady love. Sure he said he'd back off, but will he really, especially if they really do end up married!? My guess is no.

All in all, in the "you know who" aftermath of things, I'd give AMC a B-. It's moving up, it's improving more and more, and I even occasionally watch in real time now because I'm excited to see the show again. What do you think?

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mkuschne said...

Pratt Pratt Pratt; too bad he didn't kill off Erica.

Anonymous said...

Very well written my friend. But I take exception with you and Anni. I probably am the only one on the face of the earth that still doesn't believe she killed Richie. I think that friend of Richies that was on for a couple of episodes did it. I was so hoping they would make her be sane and quit with this insanity. I don't think she loves Adam at all but with him exiting who cares really.

As far as Greenlee I am hoping against all hope that they bring back Leo and Nessa myself. I think that would be the best thing going. I would love to see her and David reek havoc in Pine Valley for a while but then have David have yet another secret and it be Leo and Nessa. What a bombshell that would be :)

Anonymous said...

OH and I forgot Digit of Death is? LOL I'm confused by that one.

Kathy said...

mkuschne, you have a one track mind! LMAO

Thom, the Digit of Death is Mateo (or my other pet name for him, Assholeo). He was constantly pointing that finger at anyone and everyone.

Little Libby said...

I'm still waiting for poster: "mkuschne" to say something positive on this board. I think we've got the "I don't like Erica" spin already. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww thanks. Okay.