Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten: Elizabeth Lawrence (1922-2000)

There will be one startling omission from Palmer Cortlandt's upcoming funeral. When "the good guy who made good" Pete Cooney made his premier in Pine Valley, there was a dark figure by his side: mysterious house-maid, Myra Murdoch.

Residents of the gothic Cortlandt Estate were valid to think that something was awry. Myra was not just the help; she was Palmer's mother-in-law. She posed as a house servant to keep an eye on her granddaughter, Nina, after Palmer disavowed the existence of her mother, Myra's daughter Daisy Murdoch. Myra was the closest thing to conscious for the Electronics Executive.

The role of Myra was played by Elizabeth Lawrence from 1979-1991. Lawrence passed on in 2000. Since Lawrence was no longer on the canvas, Myra's fate was never addressed onscreen.

Check out this classic Palmer/Myra moment (time 2:10):

RIP Ms. Lawrence. Good help is always so hard to find.


Anonymous said...

Is Ronald Drake (Jasper) still alive?

AMCHistory said...

Eric, I cannot find any information on Mr. Drake. He aired on AMC until 1992.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know that's so weird. Not one website has his bithdate and if there is a death date.