Saturday, February 27, 2010

Being of the "Write" State of Mind

The boys at WeLoveSoaps.Net have posted a very interesting interview with Mr. Judith Barcoft (ex-Anne Tyler), aka Winser Washam. Washam is credited as one of AMC's longest running and successful Headwriters. Nixon's protege, he was responsible for the early 80's success of the program that included the star crossed romance of Cliff and Nina, the young lovers Jenny and Greg, and groundbreaking love story of Jesse and Angie. It truly was love in the afternoon.

Check out Part 2 of the interview HERE. Oh yeah, and take note of what caused Washam to leave the show. It is quiet the doozey.


Elaine said...

VERY interesting as to why he left!! I guess the fans aren't off then in not liking her!

AMCHistory said...

It is weird how a writer who could "save the show" (in 2003 when everything with the show was wrong, it was in a worst state than it is today), could also have done so much damage? I don't understand how in 2006 the tides turned so dramatically for the show? They still had a plethora of wonderful actors. Whenever MMT began a storyline thread with potential (ie: Brooke and Jack's flirtation, Jeff being back in Pine Valley, Barbara as Erica's new main rival), she would drop it for another inane plot (Lily and Jon's romance).

She was also guilty of the biggest crime in my opinion, dangling character goodbyes. Starting from Juan Pablo to Reggie, Anita, Barbara, Sean, Sydney, Del... these character's goodbyes floated around for months after the actors vacated their roles. It was all so sloppy, and a smack in the face to viewers.