Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rediscover Brooke

I am loving this Rediscover AMC campaign. They pulled some awesome clips for this one for intrepid reporter Brooke English:


Thom said...

I'm loving it too. Brilliant idea

R-av-olyn Tadd Family said...

This is the best idea ever! I'm new to AMC, and this is getting me all excited about returning characters like I have been watching for years!

AMCHistory said...

I really hope the Execs at ABC realize that AMC's strength has always been with its strong ties to history. You have to give kudos to a show that at Thirty-Five years still had 3 original cast members (MacDonell, Lucci and Warrick).

It breaks my heart that since 2005 we lost so many long-running actors on contract (Barr, Callahans, Mitchell, Herlie, Willey, and for a time Larson).

It seems like the trend is beginning to shift in the current regime. I hope that they realize they need to re-fill the ranks of the major families. The Martins, Tylers, Kanes, Cortlandts and Maricks all deserve to have representation on canvas.

Barr's return engagement is a sign of writing the wrongs of the current past. I hope they realize the increase in fan interest in the show as a result. I can already tell on the message boards a trend towards more positive comments.

You can't just entice new viewers to come and watch; you have to keep your old fanbase. Any business major will tell you it is cheaper to keep a customer than to roll-on a new one. If ABC can get this long time fan to start tuning in again, they are definitely going in the right direction.