Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sing us a Song, You're the Piano (Wo)Man.

Some of my favourite moments from All My Children's past was when a storyline called for Donna Beck Tyler etc. etc. etc. (Candice Early, l.) to serenade the crowd. Early's voice could only be described in one word, "amazing."

In the early '90s, producers hired model/singer Liz Vassey as Donna's naive daughter Emily Ann Sago. Emily and Donna got the chance to break out in song frequently. Though not the best quality, here is the mother/daughter pair performing at Tad and Dixie Martin's first wedding:

How sweet would it be to see Donna back on canvas for Palmer Cortlandt's upcoming funeral (she was after all Mrs. Cortlandt #2)?

Also, Vassey has sure come a long way from her time in Pine Valley. She is now a regular on CBS Primetime hit CSI.


Jan said...

Kathy, what year was this? I noticed that Jill Larson is playing Opal in this clip. I've been watching since 1982 and remember when Dorothy Lyman played Opal. I'm trying to get a time frame on when Jill Larson started on the show. I also noticed that Cecily was one of the bridesmaids. What was that actresses name?

Also, whatever ever happened to Carmen Thomas who played HIllary? Does she still act? I've googled her and can't find anything on the internet.

Thanks for posting this.

Kathy said...

Tad and Dixie's first wedding was December 29, 1989. Jill Larson started on AMC in 1990. She celebrated her 20 years on AMC this year.

The PVB has been in touch with Carmen. Here's a little blurb we had about her earlier in 2009