Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of February 28!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted!! The storylines continue to heat up as Frankie starts to pop pills, Ryan and Erica team up to take down David as David and Greenlee team up to take down Erica, JR's condition worsens and he's visited by some heavenly loved ones, and Gayle pulls a gun!


mkuschne said...

please nurse Gail pull that trigger

Trevor said...

quick question: A few months ago Alexander Cambias came back into the story to reveal he did not kill dixie. This sparked interested to Ted who began "investigating". Fingers were being pointed at Adam. I'm curious what happened to this story line? Does anybody know? From what I recall it just faded out.

Could have been a nice-r tie in to who killed Adam/Stuart recently, even though that story line got dragged on far too long.

Little Libby said...

The idea that Annie can donate bone marrow to JR is sickening. I know it makes for good scripting, but hate it!