Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spoilers for the Week of February 14!!!

This weeks spoilers are now posted!!! I don't know about you but Friday's show defined cliffhanger for me! Don't miss a minute next week as the fallout of Greenlee's return ripples through Pine Valley, Erica takes David hostage, and JR's about the only one in town who doesn't give a flip about Greenlee as his condition continues to get worse.


Julie said...

Wanted to offer my two cents on the show post Pratt..

1. I love Susan Lucci (despite the fact that I hate that her character never seems to stay grown up, even as a grandmother) but the HD filming is not forgiving on her neck. Maybe time to FINALLY dress her a little more age appropriate?

2. The stories are starting to MAKE SENSE again!! I'm sorry that so many actors got screwed along the way, but it's really nice to see that all history wasn't really forgotten, that conversations are starting to make sense again. I wonder if it made Pratt go nuts when Jake and Tad would have a scene together, I know they had to be going off script a lot.

So, what do the rest of you think?

alstonpmaroon said...

The dialogue is still CRAP, and the show is SLIGHTLY better with Lorraine Broderick co-writing, but not much!!! I am still counting down until Pratt's name stops appearing in the opening credits.....(tick, tock!!)

Greenlee's return, and the fallout, is interesting, but moreso because of the ACTORS, not the writing!!! I love Rebecca Budig and Vincent Irizarry, and Cameron Mathison also...even though Ryan is such a TOOL!!!!